PCSOs and local PCs from Gwent Police

We would like to express our gratitude to the two local PCSOs and local PCs from Gwent Police who visited our Youth Club for 12-19-year-olds at 7 pm last night. They were absolutely fantastic with our young people, being patient, helpful, approachable, and fun. They even allowed us to explore their uniforms and sit in their patrol car. Our youngsters got to put on the sirens and flashing lights, which brought them incredible pleasure! We apologize to our local community if the sirens and flashing lights caused any concern; we only made noise for about three minutes, so hopefully, you can forgive us. This was an extraordinary experience for our young people, and we wouldn’t usually be able to do this at a public event as it could be too overwhelming. The visit allowed our youngsters and local police officers to get to know each other, and the photos we took say it all!e took say it all!

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