Wellies Farm

At our monthly exclusive session, we invite our families to visit a local working farm. It’s an opportunity for everyone to experience a relaxing and unstructured day where they can learn about the farm animals, feed them, pet them, and even groom them.

The farm is a welcoming environment that encourages everyone to enjoy themselves and learn in a natural, hands-on way. It’s a great way to show that not all classrooms have four walls and that learning can take place outside of traditional academic settings.

We believe that this type of experience can be incredibly valuable for our families, and we are proud to offer it as a way to promote education, family engagement, and community building.

A welcoming environment which shouts out to” not all classrooms have four walls”


Great NEWRA, Goldcliff, Newport, NP18 2BB

Tel: 07831 440917

Email: welliesfarm@gmail.com